You should be eating this right now!

You should be eating this right now!

Flavours and spice – Oh, so nice!

The best way to immerse yourself into a new culture is through food. Sri Lanka is a food paradise! Sri Lankans are proud of their signature dishes which ranges from rice, curry, different sides, desserts and drinks. 

What you can be certain about is that Sri Lankans thoroughly love their spices. Their food explodes with flavour and spice. Being an island, coconut and fish are available in abundance and liberally used in their cuisine. We at Ichiqoo have scanned the island’s nook and corner to give you the list of food you must try in Sri Lanka. We swear by these 5 dishes. Don’t miss it!

Kottu Roti


Ichiqoo Sri lanka Tour- Kotthu RotiEssentially it is composed of shredded pieces of roti (fried piece of thin dough), that is mixed with with an assortment of spices, curry sauce, meat or vegetables. Available in high end restaurants or even on streets, this spicy dish can be strong on your palette. Feel free to ask for a less spicy version. They will be happy to oblige

Rice & curry

Ichiqoo Sri lanka Tour - Rice-and-Curry

Eaten for either lunch or dinner, expect at least 3 three curries on your place with rice and fried chips. Most common to find and high on nutrition, this is the staple food for Srilankans.



Ichiqoo Sri Lanka Tour - Hoppers

Made from a fermented batter of rice flour with a little bit coconut milk and a drop of palm toddy (alcoholic beverage), these can remind you of sour dough pancakes. Soft in the middle and crispy outside, hoppers are served with a spicy chilli paste. Choose from a variety of egg, milk or spring hoppers. Credit – John Carey

Dal curry

IChiqoo Sri Lanka Tour - Dhal Curry

Red lentils are cooked with spices and topped with a little coconut milk to make it a rich stew. Packed with protein and fiber, this dish is served for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Eat it along with bread or rice.

Kiribath/Milk Rice

Ichiqoo Sri Lanka Tour - Kiribath

This simple dish made of coconut milk and rice is a signature dish of Sri Lanka. The cooked rice is pressed and cut into diamond shaped pieces. You can eat it with chili paste or crumble them down and top it with coconut milk and banana. Tastes like porridge and is good to have for breakfast. This is Ichiqoo’s favourite dish amongst all!



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