Why should you learn a local language before your travel?

Why should you learn a local language before your travel?

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We love travelling. Its invigorating, gives you a new perspective, challenges and at the same time liberates you. It creates memorable experiences and most of all, makes you a story teller. But your experience will be far superior if you know the local language. A few words here and there will make you a happy traveller. If you don’t have the time to research and learn, we at Ichiqoo have made it simple for you. Plan your trip on Ichiqoo and all the necessary information along with few words in local language of the place you are heading to will be sent to your travel docket. Now, you can focus on other important things. Like travel.

So why should you learn a local language? Here are our top reasons.

  1. It makes you a smart traveller – How much ever you try to blend into a place, the locals will know you are a tourist at one glance. Bargaining at shops when you want to pick up a souvenir for a friend or even a gift for your girlfriend, becomes a challenge. You know you are paying a lot. But if you speak the local language, you have a better bargaining power.
  2. You will impress people – Yes, show off a little bit. We know you want to. In the bargain, your confidence gets boosted. Double happiness!
  3. Will make you stay away from touristy places – If you can talk to the locals in their language and win their hearts, you would get to see less explored places. Truly experience a destination by heading to off beaten paths. Stay away from the typical touristy joints. There is a lot more to see, really.
  4. Helps you find your way – To find your way locally, you could either use the map that you have downloaded from Ichiqoo or could ask people passing by. Understanding them is so much easier if you speak the same language and may be this time, you won’t get lost?
  5. Land you in your Dream job – Do you realise how strong your CV will be, when you speak in multiple languages? It increases the possibility of landing in your dream job.
  6. Help you build relationships – We love meeting people. Sometimes, language is the barrier in getting close to them. Now you can listen, understand and communicate and probably teach them a few words in the language you speak too. What a beautiful way to build relationships!
  7. Makes your travel, experiential – A few local words here and there and you get warm smiles or even an invitation to join for dinner. Real travel is when you can see the place in its raw form, meet and interact with the local people, understand their culture and tradition. It is far better than listening to your travel guide.
  8. Its just Fun – Learn because its fun. You are enriching yourself with such wealth of knowledge, no money can possibly buy.

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