Why one should stay in a hostel while travelling to Asia?

Why one should stay in a hostel while travelling to Asia?

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Staying at hostels can be an experience by itself and has caught on in Asia in the recent decade. If you are a traveller at heart and social in nature, we bet you would enjoy this type of stay. For those who are wary about hostel stays, this post will tell you why you should stay in a hostel. By the end of this blog, we are sure your outlook towards hostels in Asia or in general will change.


  1. In Hotels you normally meet older crowd. If you are looking for fun and want to mingle with the younger generation, hostels are way to go.
  2. If you are a solo traveller and also young it’s almost like why would you not?  You get to meet people so easily, especially if you are in smaller hostel.
  3. A lot of times, when people go out at night, they tend to step out in groups. You will have company to enjoy the nightlife of the city you are in.
  4. The kind of parties that can start in a hostel can sometimes be nothing less than legendary.


  1. There is no cheaper way to travel other than free. Hostels are your best bet for cheaper if not free accommodation.
  2. If you like your privacy and would like to get a private room, you have that option as well. Even these private rooms can sometimes be cheaper than local hotels


  1. If you are staying pretty much anywhere in Asia, you will find decent hostels or guesthouses with hot showers, decent beds and good security.
  2. There are some very high quality hostels around Asia especially if you are travelling to Bangkok.
  3. You often have locker spaces where you can lock up your valuables. Just carry your own lock to be on the safer side. Also remember to carry your own towel as rentals are not cheap.


  1. A lot times you can find hostels in prime areas of your town. For example, if you are paying $25 a night for a bed the cheapest hotel around would be $50 a night in that area.
  2. Also, since hostels are in prime locations, easy access to public transportation would be available.  Hostel owners will help you by arranging your travel if you get chatty with them


  1. They are locals of the town most of the time and will have info on everything.
  2. Owners are normally around managing the hostel. They care about what happens at their property and your experience.
  3. Basically anything you need help with in a city, be it visa help or getting a recharge card, they have got your back.


  1. Most of the hostels are pretty laid back and chilled out.
  2. People always talk to you. There is never a dull moment.

Want more reasons? Experience a stay in any of the hostels in Asia and share your views. We might just add them here! Find out best hostel and hotels at Ichiqoo.com

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