Why visiting Sri Lanka will make you a better person this year.

Why visiting Sri Lanka will make you a better person this year.

Year 2017 is my year!

We all wish to be a better person, better than who we were yesterday. I would personally want to be happier, grateful, thankful, compassionate and little more understanding. But most often, we are caught up with busy working lives, drab routines, household chores and patience seems to run lower than ever! So what has this got to do with Sri Lanka? Here are the things to expect while you Visit Sri Lanka and how it could affect you, for the better.


Hospitality runs in their blood

”Use your smile to change the world. Don’t let the world change your smile.”


Happy experiences are mostly because of the people in a place and not the place by itself. Sri Lankan’s are warm people in general. A wide welcoming smile, readiness to help and a cheerful attitude without any hidden agenda would make you want to be more like them.


You can make friends with wild elephants

”Developing friendships with wildlife is like making human friends, except with animals it’s often more genuine.”


With over 5000 + rescued wild elephants, Sri Lanka has few orphanages that feed, bathe and take care of these mammals well-being. Meet a mahout, feed wild elephants, volunteer to take care of them for a week, understand their behavior and leave the island knowing well that you have made a new friend. Here’s to new experiences while visiting Sri Lanka! If you are keen to Visit Sri Lanka and experience wildlife, get in touch with Ichiqoo.


Spend some alone time for introspection

”I’m all alone, but I’m not lonely.”


How often have we stopped to look within ourselves than continue cribbing about the cruel world we live in or how unfair someone treated us? Sri Lanka has some beautiful empty beaches where you can be one with nature. Sit there and stare at the horizon, see far you have come and simply feel lucky for being able to take in this view. Not everything is as bad it may seem. Check out our beach package that would help you discover beautiful pristine beaches of Sri Lanka.

Hack into your happy chemicals in a tea plantation

”Sometimes, it’s important to step outside, get some fresh air and think who you want to be!”


Serotonin, a compound present in blood platelets and serum is affected by the amount of oxygen we inhale. Did you know that fresh air alters serotonin levels? The end result is a lighter mood and more happiness within us. Breathe in the fresh air in a tea plantation and feel more refreshed. Experience Kandy and Nuwara Eliya with a special Sri Lanka holiday package.


Be prepared to be awed by nature

”Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”


Visit Sigiriya fortress. Some call it a geological masterpiece while others, the 8th wonder of the world. The climb may be tedious and one may be deterred by the sheer size of it. But to emerge to a view like this is worth the effort. Plus there’s an interesting history behind. This giant megalithic rock that towers 200 meters would make you realize how small we are and helps put our problems into perspective. If you are keen to visit Sigiriya, we have tour packages of Sri Lanka, that will help you experience just that.

Are you ready to become a better person this year? Ichiqoo has curated some awesome Sri Lanka tour packages with local experiences to help you see Sri Lanka this year.


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