Visit Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka

Visit Ramayana sites in Sri Lanka

Ramayana is one of the most well-known stories in the world. This ancient Sanskrit epic was originally written by a sage named Valmiki and forms an important part of the Hindu literature.

The story of Ramayana is about Lord Rama, who was born in a royal family. Ravana, a demon king with ten heads abducts Sita, Rama’s wife and takes her to Weragantota in Sri Lanka. Rama with the help of his brother Lakshman, Hanuman and an army of monkeys rescue Sita.

From the place where Sita was held captive, to the pond that was formed with Sita’s tears, to the battlefield where the armies clashed and the place where Ravana, the ten-headed demon king faced his death, Sri Lanka has over 50 Ramayana sites to see. We at Ichiqoo are listing the important sites you must see if you are interested to follow the Ramayana Trail in Sri Lanka.

Manavari Temple, Chilaw

According to the legend, Manavari is the first lingam mounted and prayed by Lord Rama. This lingam has come to be referred at the ‘Ramalinga Shivan’ since it was made by Lord Rama.


Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Ramboda 

Lord Rama sought the help of Hanuman and the monkeys in search of his wife, Sitadevi, who was abducted by Ravana. Hanuman spent time on the hills of Ramboda and in his remembrance one can find the Hanuman Temple built by Chinmaya Mission.  


Seetha Amman Temple, Nuware Eliya

One of an interesting site to visit, be prepared to witness the footprints of Hanuman by the river side. Ashoka Vatika is believed to be a beautiful garden in the mountains where Sita was held captive. During Sita’s stay at the Ashoka Vatika, her daily baths happened by the stream that ran from the hill. You can find a temple for Lord Rama, Sita, Laskhmama, lord Rama’s brother and Hanuman by the side of the stream.  Sita’s tears is believed to have formed a pond nearby and can be witnessed as well.


Ravana Ella Falls, Ella

This spectacular waterfall is a must visit whether you go on a Ramanaya trail or not!. Close to Ella, this 1000 plus feet high waterfall cascades into several falls. Over time, the falls has created a series of caves, thanks to the limestone formation. Legend says that Ravana used to live in one of the caves above the waterfall.



We all know about the incident where Hanuman’s tail was set on fire. After meeting Sita, Hanuman wanted to test Ravana’s strength. He destroyed the garden and was captured by Ravana’s guards. As a lesson, his tail was sent on fire. Hanuman went around Ravana’s empire and in turn torched his kingdom. One of the torched areas is Ussanggoda.


Gayathri Pedam, Nuware Eliya

This is the place where the son of Ravana, Meghanath, appeased Lord Shiva with his devotion and prayers and was in turn granted supernatural powers before the battle began.

Rumasela, Unawatuna – Galle

Hanuman was instructed to bring a certain herb to save the lives of the monkey army and Lakshmana during the war. Unable to identify the correct herb in the mountain, he uprooted the entire mountain with all the herbs and carried it with him. During Hanuman’s flight, parts of this mountain is said to have fallen in five places in Sri Lanka, namely, Rumasala in Galle, Dolukanda near Heripitiya, Ritigala near Habarana, Thalladi in Mannar and Kachchativu. 


Seenigama Temple, Hikkaduwa

It is believed that Sugreeva, the ruler of the monkey kingdom tarted his attack on Ravana’s army at this place.

Divurmpola, Nuware Eliya

When Sita was freed from Ravana, she had to undergo a test to prove her chastity by offering herself to fire. She came unharmed and ascertained her holiness by performing this ritual. Divurmpola also means a place where one takes a vow.


Muneshwaram Temple, Colombo

After the victorious battle against Ravana in Ayodhya, Lord Rama flew one of Ravana’s Vimana also called as a flight. He sensed being followed by some evil powers and started seeking God Shiva’s help. God Shiva advised Rama to descend at Muneshwaram and install four lingams as a remedy. This place is now the Muneshwaram Temple.

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