The 5 ’Oh so cool’ travel gadgets that are hard to resist

The 5 ’Oh so cool’ travel gadgets that are hard to resist

Want to have access to clean water irrespective of where you travel? Need help in going to sleep or do you simply want your phone battery to last all day. Believe it or not, there is a gadget for everything! The emphasis here is EVERYTHING! Let us be honest here – Who doesn’t love gadgets? It makes our hectic life, easy. At Ichiqoo, we have rounded up our favorite gadgets, ways to get them and help you travel like a pro. So what are you waiting for! Here goes…

Pocket Size washing machine

This magical piece is a dream come true for any budget traveller. You want to go anywhere, do anything and still want to end the day clean. The last thing you should worry about is a pile of dirty clothes during your travel or the money you have to spend on the hotel laundry bill. Or, are you the type to carry your dirty clothes back home to your laundry machine after a week or 10 day long trip? Introducing to you, the Scrubba wash bag.

Ichiqoo Sri Lanka - Scrubba wash bag

Armed with a flexible washboard, you spend 2-4 litres of water, a little bit of detergent and three whole minutes. How cool is that! Focus on things that are more important, like travel?   Buy here

Female urination device

Ladies, you are going to thank us. Travel can be daunting and the need to find to a clean restroom is a permanent nightmare. Imagine travelling to some corner of the world where basic facilities are under question. But fear not, Gogirl does the works. Pee, standing up. This portable and reusable device is made of silicone and can be washed with soap and water. It is small enough to fit in your purse. Now that’s handy 😉   Buy here

Ichiqoo Srilanka tour - Girl Female Urination Device

Secure clothing for your travel

Safety is one of the primary concerns when to go to a new place. We have lost our wallets, errrr, plenty of times! Little did we know that Clever Travel companion’s secure clothes existed then? Keep your cash, passport and all the little treasures in the hidden pockets of this clothing line. What more, it’s not just safe, but stylish too! T-shirts, tank tops and even underwear’s have these secure pockets. Choose which one you are comfortable with.   Buy here

Ichiqoo Srilanka - Clever-Travel-Companion

Drinking water, anywhere

How many of you are paranoid about drinking water from outside when you travel. Let’s face it, we look for bottled water anywhere we go! The last thing you want is to fall sick drinking water from somewhere and dampen your travel plan. With Lifestraw, you can even drink water off a muddy lake or a stagnant pond. This portable water filter removes 99.9% bacteria so you can enjoy safe sipping anywhere. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer trekking round the world, camping in the Alps or just going for a pleasant forest stroll – it’s the perfect travel companion.

So pop one in your pocket and get close to nature, really close.   Buy here

Ichiqoo - Lifestraw

Ostrich Pillow

Travel light. Be prepared. With a durable covering that wraps your entire head and neck, the Ostrich Pillow makes it possible for you to snooze anywhere.
Catch a quick nap against a bus window, in the plane, sitting in a train or even the back of a park bench. May not look at that great but hey, you won’t have to worry about a chatty seatmate if you’re wearing this pillow. Not one of our favorites considering there is no peripheral vision increasing the chances of robbery. But if you do have the extra buck, this is comfort you can rely on.   Buy here

Ichiqoo Sri Lanka - Ostrich Pillow

Ichiqoo promotes anything unusual and unique about travel. Choose unique experiences, get tips on unique things to buy, and stay at quirky places. Be in control of what you see, eat or buy. Travel to Sri Lanka, our launch destination this year and experience  Asia like never before.


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