How to stay safe when you travel solo to a foreign country?

How to stay safe when you travel solo to a foreign country?

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This is a shout out to all women who love to travel especially solo travelers! Before we get into the post, we would like to acknowledge the fact that traveling solo is enriching and help one learn about themselves. With the increase in the number of women who choose to travel alone, it clearly shows that women have become far more independent and prefer the no frills, no drama kind of travel. The spontaneity that comes with solo travel is liberating and one gets to see the world in their own terms. Agree?

If you are a solo traveler or even someone who travels in small groups but wanders away to do what you like, this post is for you! Although we want to see the world, not all countries are safe for solo travel. If you are starting out on your solo travel journey, here are a list of places to visit and feel safe.
You need to know these 27 best places to visit for solo travelers

Irrespective of the country one is traveling to, it is necessary to follow some basic rules. These 25 tips should keep you safe.

  1. Never let your guard down.
  2. Do not accept food from strangers.
  3. Go with your gut feel. Most times it works.
  4. Strike a conversation with travelers/ locals but if they want to tag along or invite you over, decline politely unless you are really comfortable.
  5. Dress modestly. Revealing clothes could get you into trouble.
  6. Avoid venturing out in the dark, especially if it’s lonely.
  7. Research, research, research about the place you are traveling to. Cannot impress on this enough.
  8. If you plan to head to a bar, choose a seat at the bar counter or closer to the exit door.
  9. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry.
  10. Wear comfortable shoes, always.
  11. Keep people on your speed dial. In the case of emergency, there must be one person you can call.
  12. Avoid carrying a lot of cash.
  13. Learn a few local words. Saying, No Thank you, Please, Stop, Enough, How much etc. would help you communicate what you want politely but firmly as well.
  14. Book a flight in such a way that you arrive or depart during the day. Not wee hours.
  15. Identify accommodations that are solo travel-friendly – Hostels, guest houses and villas are good options.
  16. Avoid having your name plastered on luggage tags when you are on the road.
  17. Avoid getting drunk.
  18. Use locker facility to leave your valuables.
  19. Chat up with the staff. Be it at the reception counter or at the bar. They will have your back.
  20. Avoid giving personal details to strangers you have met.
  21. Share your tentative itinerary with someone reliable before taking off on your travel journey. It helps when they can reach you if necessary.

In addition, here is how to have fun when you travel solo.

  1. Never rush your meal. Even though you are traveling alone, sitting down at a strange café and watching the world go by is heart-warming.
  2. Carry a book. You have a lot of time.
  3. Pack light. The last thing you want is to lug around with your suitcase.
  4. Most importantly, travel local – take local transport, eat at the places locals do, look out for local activities to take part in.

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