Six different types of travellers

Six different types of travellers

One of the best thing about travelling is the interesting people you meet. They say people make a place and not the other way around. Guess its true most of the times. If you had met interesting people in any of your trips, some of them you’d like to stay in touch with, while the others are the butt of joke you would ruminate and share stories with your grandchildren! Irrespective of the type of traveller you meet, we all fall into a single category or a blend of few based on our personality traits. Ichiqoo has listed 6 different types of travellers you would meet during your travel.

The Memoriser

Ichiqoo Srilanka tour - Woman Reading

Knows everything about a place written in a guide book. Lonely Planet guide book would be a must-have!

Soul Searcher

Ichiqoo SriLanka - Travellers on bike

Inspired by the movie Eat, Pray, Love, this type of traveller would be planning a trip to Asia hoping to discover himself

The Groupie

Ichiqoo Sri Lanka -  Selfi

Cannot travel alone and is posting on different groups looking for travel groups to join. This kind of traveller would put up pictures on Facebook which says ‘’Crazyyyyy time with friendzzzzzz’’

Adventure Junkie

Ichiqoo Sri Lanka - Rafting

Constantly in the lookout for adrenaline fix from scuba diving to bungee jumping. The thrill of conquering fears keeps them travelling

The Casanova

Ichiqoo SriLanka - Heart

Looking for love in all the wrong places, this self-proclaimed romantic is masquerading as a tourist

The Funny Bone

Ichiqoo SriLanka - Funny Hat

It’s great to meet this kind of traveller. He has no shortage of jokes and is constantly entertaining people

So, what type of traveller are you and how many types have you met so far? Write to us about your story and we will publish in our blog.

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