SECRETS for great photography from women who love to travel.

SECRETS for great photography from women who love to travel.

Whether you are an entry level photographer who is experimenting into the world of photography or someone who has been taking pictures professionally, there is one invisible thread that is common and binds us all. It is the love for photography and the need to capture moments to store beautiful memories. At Ichiqoo, we spoke to 5 beautiful women who loves to travel and take pictures during their holidays. Here are their awesome tips to help you take your passion for photography to the next level.

Purvi Kamaliya

purvi kamaliya white palace Chandra Ghat Pushkar Rajasthan India

Picture of White Palace, Chandra Ghat, Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Instagram handle @purvi_travelhippies

I believe that a camera doesn’t matter for a good photographer. It is her skill set that composes a good picture. Picture composition is the most important thing you must keep in mind for nature or landscape photography. Compose the picture first in your mind and then in your camera. If possible try to add subjects so that the picture doesn’t look totally bland or simple. For instance, a girl enjoying at the beach, anchored boats or some coconut trees would always add flavor to the picture of a beach. The subject can be placed either in the centre or on the side. Same goes with buildings, cityscapes, and cultural photography. Apart from the composition, make sure that your picture isn’t tilted. I would advise to use the grid option of the camera, a tripod or simply place the camera on a flat surface. You can also play with the angles and the compositions to get the best photographs. Photography skills can best be improved through experiments and practice. Enjoy.


Olivia Tirta

Olivia tirta Pittsburg PA

Picture of Pittsburg PA, USA

Instagram handle @eviliciouz

I think it is important to take pictures of things/places/scenery that you love. It doesn’t matter if it’s a famous attraction or off beaten path. If you loved it, take a picture of it for memories. Take at least two pictures of the same object/view just in case the first one didn’t turn up ok. If you are a traveler, always bring an external hard drive so you can transfer your pictures from your cameras/phones/laptops to the external hard drive for backups. If you are using GoPro camera, make sure bring extra rechargeable batteries. It will come in handy. Remember that, the journey is the destination so if you are traveling through multiple cities, make sure to capture your journey. It will be so much fun to look back through your journey after it’s over.


Cassidy Brown

Cassidy brown Mt Nelse Victoria Australia

Picture of  Mt Nelse, Victoria, Australia 

Instagram handle @jewcy_jew

I go with the mantra ‘Take photos of the places you’re in, but don’t forget the people you’re with!’

People and community make or break a trip so don’t forget to include them in your photos.  A simple point and shoot camera can do wonders, just make sure you don’t buy the absolute cheapest one unless you really don’t care about the quality.  Try to avoid the filters on the camera when taking photos, they don’t usually look that good and you could have taken a really good photo but you can’t take the filter off now so you might not like it in the future (do any editing on a computer with decent software for it!) Have fun and take LOTS of photos, you might end up not liking a lot of them but you could have a few amazing ones and you won’t really know until you get them up on a computer to see them all!  Try film too, you can find lots of old cameras in thrift stores for under $5USD, they’re a lot of fun!

Nessy Samuel


Picture of a houseboat in Allepey, Kerala, India

Instagram handle @wanderingoyster

Travel photography for me is to capture the postcard moments and usually, it is landscape.  My top tips are framing the photo; the subject should speak louder than everything else that fills the frame. If you look at the houseboat photo from Alappuzha (or Alleppey), Kerala, India, the focus is on the houseboat, the calmness of the environment and nothing else. When it comes to my go-to gear, I would like to travel light. I use Fuji XT10.  My go-to lenses are either a wide angle or telephoto zoom lens. For inspiration I find Instagram to be a great platform. I have enjoyed looking at the posts and photos from A Lady in London which has served as a huge inspiration for me.

Jyoti Bhat

Jyoti Bhat Hong Island_Krabi

Picture of a Hong Island, Krabi, Thailand

Instagram handle @shotatsite

Being a travel lover and a photography enthusiast, I would love to share a few photography composition tips that can make any photograph look close to a photo clicked by a professional.

This is one place where many of us stumble and we often wonder why our photos are not as great as the ones on our desktop wallpapers, even though the location is same. The most important detail of composition is keeping the horizon horizontal. In cases where the horizon is undefined such as at rough terrains, lookout for vertical elements such as trees, poles, fences, etc. and keep them vertically aligned. A keen observation can make you determine if your subject can be framed with certain surrounding elements such as tree trunks, overflowing branches with leaves or flowers, vines, light poles, etc.

We hope these simple tips will help improve your photography skills and bring out better photographs of your beautiful memories. A big thanks to these wonderful women who were happy to share their tips with our readers. You can now follow them on their Instagram handle placed under their pictures.

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