6 rules for couples who work together

6 rules for couples who work together


Can married couples work together without killing each other? When married couples decide to work together a lot of dynamics come into play. It is not the same as working for someone else. Working together and staying married follows a set of principles. It is either the best thing that happened to you, or the worst. Have you asked any of these questions – Can we make it work? Will our relationship suffer? Would we squabble about work at home? How would it be to be together ALL the time?

If you have asked any one of these questions, your concerns are normal and I am going to tell you how to strike a balance to MAKE THIS WORK. Follow these simple rules and your relationship would strengthen, and work shall prosper.

Take calculated risks: Dreaming to be an entrepreneur, your own boss, serving the society and making this world a better place sounds brilliant if you can bring your dream to reality. When you decide to take this plunge, look at your finances. Keep a safety net. It’s one thing to be an optimist, another to be irresponsible.

Give Space: Do not, I repeat, DO NOT breathe down each other’s neck. Sometimes, each of you need time and space. You do not have to be together 24/7. Go to the spa. Let him meet his friends for a beer. You are sure to excite your partner when you return all pampered and pretty. Can’t quite tell if it’s the same when he returns home drunk 🙂

Separate work from personal life, or NOT: I have heard a lot of them say, ‘leave work behind when you come home’. It’s quite the opposite for us, really. We enjoy talking work, strategizing and planning even when we relax at home. It has become a way of life and we both enjoy it. That does not mean you have to work 7 days a week. It does not also mean you need to set rules to ‘not talk shop’ at home. Just go with the flow. Do what makes you both comfortable and if it comes natural to you, why change?

Demarcate roles & responsibilities: This has to be done from the word go. It’s easier to work together if each one of you have specific roles to play. If you work in an established firm, each one is accountable for the role they play. It’s no different here. Being accountable can avoid unnecessary clashes when you get home.

Marriage first, Business next: I read somewhere that it’s easier to get married than to stay married. In the journey of following your dreams do not jumble up your priority. You took that plunge because your partners support. If your relationship is on the rocks, attend to that first. Always.

Talk, Talk and talk a little more: What would we do without a little communication? Or a lot? Be frank about how you feel. Express it openly to your partner. Even if it calls for a confrontation, you need to talk it out than to hold it back. If you are not in agreement with something, argue about it. Don’t Yell.

Follow these simple rules for a happy, successful marriage. But then, there is always love that would keep you together. The rest, shall fall in place.

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