These 5 best souvenirs are the ideal gift after a holiday

These 5 best souvenirs are the ideal gift after a holiday

Want your travel memories to last a bit longer for you, your friends or family? What better way than collecting some awesome souvenirs! During travel, one tends to get carried away absorbing the place that shopping for gifts tends to take a back seat. Issues like size, price, and relevance of the gift come into the picture and may not be easy to choose the right giveaway at the fag end of the trip. When that happens, it can be really stressful! We would like to make it easy for you by showing you these 6 awesome souvenirs that your friends or family would appreciate. After all, who doesn’t want to be thoughtful?  Wink



Spices are a great souvenir! To start with, they are not expensive and be easily picked up from a grocery store of the country you are visiting. They can be packaged beautifully and brings out the flavors of a particular destination. In addition, if the person you wish to gift enjoys cooking, this would be welcomed as a blessing. End of the way, well-spiced food gives one a happy tummy. Agree? One of our travellers picked up a spice box as a giveaway after her Sri Lanka holiday and her family loved it!



Move away from traditional gifts and present sand in a bottle as an unconventional giveaway. Sand can be stored in beautiful jars or containers with the place they have been picked from. Add a personal note and you have cracked it! Such a classy thing to do.

Local handicrafts


We cannot stress on it enough and what a no brainer this can be. To start with, every country has handicrafts that beautifully depicts what they have or stand for. Secondly, by buying local handicrafts you end up helping the local community and therefore contribute to responsible tourism. If you are planning to Visit Sri Lanka, check out the souvenirs offered by Indira Tibblin in Negombo 😉 Shop away!

Local eats


The beauty about local eats is that it would fit in your luggage. Oleh Oleh from Malaysia, Pork Jerky from Taiwan, Ya Kun Kaya from Singapore, Nin Jiom herbal candy from Hong Kong, Parlans chocolate from Stockholm, Irish flapjacks from Ireland, Godiva chocolates from Brussels, Pierre Hermé macarons from Paris, and the list goes on. But you get the picture right?



Most women appreciate jewelry. There are so many options to choose that ranges from trinkets, bracelets, earrings, nose pins, rings and more. They are affordable and would fit your budget! Gifting men? Choose some funky bracelets instead.

Keychains and fridge magnets


This is the last resort and suitable for practically anyone who has no time. These souvenirs are available everywhere and the easiest to pick.

Every piece of souvenir has a story to tell. Are you telling yours with delight?

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