10 Must Have Travel Items for a trip to Asia

10 Must Have Travel Items for a trip to Asia

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You will never meet a regular traveller who brags about packing heavy. Packing light is an art. You can’t travel heavy, happy and cheap. You only have the choice of picking two!

Imagine dragging those excess luggage everywhere on your trip. The thought of it is tiring us. No wonder they say pack light, pack smart! Here at Ichiqoo, when you plan your trail with us and book your trip, we will give you the necessary tips on travelling light. All these information will be available on the move. Ready? So here goes

1. Tissues/ Toilet rolls

Because not all places may have the facility you are used to back home. Be prepared with a pack of tissues and toilet roll, if you are out all day sightseeing.

2. Pashminas

They are called the wonder wrap for a reason. We never take a flight without a pashmina. Use as a blanket in the flight, cover as a fashionable wrap around your neck while walking around, this wonder wrap can be used in many ways.

3. Ipod with music

There are times when we have hopped on a flight and just wanted to sleep. The noise of crying toddlers, the loud woman next to your seat are just few to drive travellers insane. Carry an ipod with good earplugs and your favourite music to cancel out noise.

4. Flip Flops

The weather god may not be kind on you all the time. In case you want to use a public toilet or just walk to the beach, these basic ones come in handy. Pack them in shoe bags within your suitcase and you are ready to go.

5. Water proof bags

In case of bad weather, drop in your wallet, cards, cameras and other essentials into these waterproof bags. It’s time to concentrate on other things like seeing a place for instance. They come in different sizes and would keep your stress at bay


Don’t forget to carry your camera and a comfortable camera strap that would allow you to hang them around your neck. Also pack extra memory to store pictures and make copies later

7. Medicines

Carry some basic medicines – For cold, flu or fever. You can also carry motion sickness tablets, and pain killers. Drop in that antiseptic cream and hand sanitizer for sure. In case you end up in some remote place, you have the basics covered

8. Mosquito repellents

Mosquitoes love some people. Never understood why but if you get bitten from head to toe all the time, this is something you will want to, want to carry. Carry a good repellent in your backpack.

9. Hat/Cap

Protect yourself from the sun while you are out seeing places by wearing a hat or a cap. No amount of sunscreen is enough while you are out all day.

10. Swiss army knife

Knives, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, toothpick, tweezers, awl, corkscrew, you name it. Travel tool essentials are taken care by this mini beauty.

Do you think we missed out anything? Write to you at info@ichiqoo.com. Till then, travel light, travel smart.

Photo source: daytonastateinmotion.com

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